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How do I get ready to separate? Get documents

patrickcrawford | November 15, 2012
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Separation can be a complicated task. But it’s often necessary in order to be eligible for a divorce in Maryland. But even more important than this, separation is desirable if you want to move on with your life without the other person.

There are some things to do before you separate

(or before your spouse separates from you). First, you might want to start preparing for a court proceeding. In most divorce cases, documents are very important because they serve as evidence of many of the facts about the parties’ property and income. You can help yourself in the divorce case by securing these documents in your possession. Such documents might include things like pay stubs of both parties, mortgage statements, car loan statements, bank statements, telephone records, credit card statements, tax returns, and other similar bills and invoices. Although it may turn out that you don’t need these, it is better to be safe than sorry. Having these documents in your control during a court case will give you an advantage because it will free you from having to rely on the other party to furnish such information to you later.

How do you secure documents in your possession?

Well, to be blunt, take them with you when you leave? Or if the other party is leaving, try to prevent that person from taking them. Maybe move the documents into storage or take them to a friends or relative’s house. But do not resort to violence in order to secure the documents. The point is merely that, all else being equal, it’s better to have the documents with you than to have to get them later from the other person. This is especially true if the other person is likely to try to hide or destroy them.

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