Child Support

How Long Does It Take to Receive Child Support After Filing?

patrickcrawford | January 1, 2024

After your child support order is finalized, you can expect to wait 30-60 days to receive your first child support payment. Once the Maryland court issues the child support order, the Child Support Administration (CSA) will generally issue an Earnings Withholding Order (EWO) in conjunction with it. If the parent paying child support works a […]


How Far Behind Does Child Support Get Before a Warrant Is Issued?

patrickcrawford | December 8, 2023

While there isn’t necessarily a set amount of back child support that will trigger a warrant being issued. Legally speaking, even failing to pay $1 in child support is against the law. Maryland Code of Family Law section 10-203 is rarely going to be enforced like that, but that is the letter of the law. […]


Alimony vs. Child Support

patrickcrawford | August 3, 2023

If you are in the process of filing for divorce in Maryland, you probably have worries when it comes to supporting yourself and your child.  Part of making the transition easier is ensuring that both you and your child are able to still live comfortably. Your financial concerns are valid and should be handled by […]

Man worried about bills

What Happens If You Don’t Pay Child Support in Maryland? 

patrickcrawford | May 17, 2023

In Maryland, child support is strictly enforced in accordance with family law to ensure the well-being of minor children. Many parents struggle to pay their child’s support on time or fail to complete payments entirely. Once a child support obligation is recognized by the state, it is legally binding, and failure to pay can result in […]

Drawing of a family

Reasons to Modify Your Child Custody Agreement

patrickcrawford | March 6, 2023

Your child custody agreement spells out both physical custody, which determines parents’ child access and visitation and legal custody, which determines parents’ decision-making authority. Both are naturally important components of your rights and responsibilities as a parent. Your current child custody orders may have worked well when you were first divorced – or when the […]

Father and daughter holding hands.

Do You Lose Custody for Not Paying Child Support in Maryland?

patrickcrawford | March 3, 2023

Child custody and child support both represent important parental rights and responsibilities, but they cannot be used as weapons by one parent against the other. The State of Maryland – and every other state in the nation – makes determinations regarding both child support and child custody in accordance with the children’s best interests. As […]


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