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How to Get Full Custody of a Child

patrickcrawford | April 27, 2024

One of the most common reasons that couples who are considering a divorce will stay together is the uncertainty of how their children will react if they separate. Child custody is a stressful topic, and for those with children, it is typically the top concern of partners who are going through a divorce.    If […]


Signs you are Co-Parenting with a Narcissist

patrickcrawford | February 21, 2024

Marriage can become difficult when one spouse has a personality disorder or mental health condition that affects marital communication. When there are children involved, the situation can become even more complicated.    The term “narcissist” has become more familiar and well-known in the last few years as people are starting to recognize behaviors that fit […]


Who Claims a Child on Taxes with 50/50 Custody?

patrickcrawford | August 28, 2023

Once you establish that you and your ex will be sharing child custody with one another equally, set a parenting schedule that works for you, and receive your court orders, you’ve accomplished a lot. One aspect of child custody that many divorcing parents forget to carefully assess, however, is the matter of who is entitled […]

Daughter of divorcing parents worried

Dos and Don’ts in Child Custody Mediation

patrickcrawford | May 24, 2023

The process of determining a custody agreement for your child or children can be daunting, overwhelming, and highly contentious. The emotional toll is often significant for parents and children alike. One way to improve the ease and speed of a child custody determination is to avoid family law court and reach a solution in child […]

Daughter hugging father

Emergency Custody in Maryland: How to File & Grounds

patrickcrawford | March 29, 2023

Nothing is scarier than feeling like your child is in danger with your ex. Perhaps your co-parenting ex has started drinking again. Perhaps your co-parenting ex has made threats to take the child to an unknown location far away. Perhaps your ex is leaving the child unattended or otherwise neglected. Either way, if you are […]

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Reasons to Modify Your Child Custody Agreement

patrickcrawford | March 6, 2023

Your child custody agreement spells out both physical custody, which determines parents’ child access and visitation and legal custody, which determines parents’ decision-making authority. Both are naturally important components of your rights and responsibilities as a parent. Your current child custody orders may have worked well when you were first divorced – or when the […]


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