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Young couple signing prenup documents

Can You Sign a Prenup After Marriage?

patrickcrawford | March 28, 2023

When roughly 50% of marriages find their way to divorce court and a typical marriage is eight years long, prenuptial agreements are very common. Second and third marriages are even less likely to survive, statistically speaking. If you’ve been divorced before, you can appreciate the value of having a prenup for the same reason you […]

Two golden wedding rings an Annapolis prenuptial agreement

What Are Common Annapolis Prenuptial Agreement Terms?

patrickcrawford | May 19, 2022

What Prenup Terms? Annapolis Prenuptial agreement is a contract that guides how your divorce will proceed in the event that your marriage does end in divorce. Also, a prenuptial agreement establishes how your estate will be divided in the event you die while you are married. A prenuptial agreement is not a blueprint for divorce. […]


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