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Annapolis Family Lawyer



A successful family law attorney-client relationship is based on honesty. Patrick Crawford, our best Annapolis Family Law Attorney will communicate with you truthfully about your case, including its strengths and weaknesses, the chances of success, and the likely cost.


Patrick knows how important your family law case is to you and how difficult a divorce or custody case can be. He will represent you aggressively while also being sensitive to the stress that you may be experiencing.


Patrick knows that, when you hire a family law attorney, you are entrusting him with great responsibility. He takes that responsibility seriously. His own happiness rests on knowing that he has done his best for you.


Law Office of Patrick Crawford is not like other law firms. Patrick has a boutique legal practice in which he provides high-quality legal services to a small number of clients. His practice is small, and that is how he likes it. He is the only attorney in his office. Having a small law firm allows Patrick to provide a highly personalized service in which he gets to know each client and delivers representation that is tailored to achieve the client’s unique goals. He is aggressive while also being careful to avoid wasteful efforts and strategies that usually serve only to increase the client’s legal fees. Local Annapolis family law attorney directs his efforts in a focused and intelligent way on things that are most important to the represented clients and that are calculated to bring results. He invites his clients to participate meaningfully in setting the family law case direction, he is friendly, and he is responsive.


The happiness of you and your children is at stake in your child custody case or family law case. Your family law case is one of the most important events in your life, and it is something that you should take seriously. Investing in an experienced Maryland family law attorney near you can mean the difference between obtaining an outcome that provides you with long-term peace, and obtaining an outcome that causes you many years of emotional anguish and suffering. Our family law attorney has the legal profession and the experience necessary to provide the high-quality representation that you need. He has over 19 years of legal experience. He has extensive litigation experience, he spent the last 16 years practicing family law, including divorce, marital property division, alimony, QDRO’s, prenuptial and separation agreements, protective orders, child support, and child custody. Our family law attorney has represented his Anne Arundel county clients in all stages of their family law cases, including settlement, child custody dispute, trial court, family legal issue, and appeal. He is smart and efficient in his representation. His clients have been grateful for his efforts and for the results that he has obtained. He is ready and eager to put his experience and skill to work for you and your legal needs.

Our Annapolis Family Law & Divorce Attorney near you provides representation in courts throughout Maryland, including in Anne Arundel County, Calvert County, Prince George’s County, Howard County, Baltimore County, Baltimore City, Montgomery County, and Queen Anne’s County.

Helping You with Annapolis Family-Related Legal Matters Nearby Your Area

Facing a difficult divorce or any type of legal situation can be stressful, as our legal Anne Arundel county system is complicated and often confusing for many people. When a legal case involves your family, it can be even more concerning, as your family relationships, finances, and more can be at stake. Maryland has strict laws that govern the family law and divorce process, and trying to navigate a case on your own can often result in a less favorable outcome than if you had the right legal representation. An experienced Annapolis family and divorce lawyer around you will know how to guide you through the legal process to ensure the best possible outcome of your case.

One of the best Annapolis family lawyers at the Law Office of Patrick Crawford. Our Annapolis office is dedicated to helping people in and around Anne Arundel county resolve marital property legal matter, child support, divorce cases, and family law matters in an efficient manner while preserving your interests. We care about your future and your family, so please contact us for a high-quality service today.

Handling Your Divorce with Care

Our local Annapolis law firm near your location believes that divorce cases require a highly individualized approach. Some divorcing spouses are able to cooperate relatively well, while others might be vengeful and unreasonable when it comes to resolving a divorce-legal issue. Whether you need guidance through the divorce process or aggressive representation in circuit court, MD attorneys can help.

There are several requirements for a successful divorce in Maryland and Surrounding Annapolis areas, and our best lawyer can help you in many ways, including:

  • Evaluating your situation and divorce options
  • Advising you of your rights as a divorcing spouse under Maryland law
  • Preparing and filing your divorce petition or properly responding to a petition filed by your spouse
  • Helping you resolve the issues relevant to your case, which can include the distribution of property, child custody, child support, and/or spousal support
  • Representing you if your case requires litigation
  • Working to ensure your final divorce decree is in line with your rights and interests

Some divorces require informal negotiation to resolve relevant issues, while others might require mediation to help spouses reach a middle ground on contested matters. If your spouse is highly adversarial, your case might need to go to the circuit court, and you can rely on the litigation skills and experience of local Annapolis family lawyers to fight for your rights. Even if you and your spouse agree from the start and have an uncontested divorce, it is still important to have the guidance of a family law attorney to make sure your agreement is fair and in line with Maryland law.

No matter what situation you find yourself in at the end of your marriage, look no further than the Law Office of Patrick Crawford near you for assistance.

Other Common Family Law Cases

Divorce is far from the only type of case heard in family court, and there is a lot on the line in other types of family law matters, as well. We handle the following issues with the same dedication and approach as our divorce cases.

  • Child Custody and Support: Child-related matters can arise as part of a divorce or on their own. In either situation, the outcome can impact your future relationship with your children, as well as your finances. It is important to have the right family law attorney to protect your parental rights and the best interests of your children. Whether you have an initial determination or modification request, we can help.
  • Domestic Violence Protective Orders: If you have experienced domestic violence, it is important to take quick action. It is possible to get a domestic violence emergency protective order 24/7 in Anne Arundel County, and we can guide you through the domestic violence process. A family law attorney can then assist in obtaining long-term protective orders when needed.
  • Marital Contracts: If you are considering having a premarital agreement, a family law attorney can evaluate whether this type of contract is right for you and your fiancé. If you and your spouse need a separation agreement prior to divorce – or if you are unsure about a divorce – you want an experienced family law attorney assisting with the entire process.

Consult with an Experienced Annapolis Family Lawyer Near Your Location

Whether you would like to end your marriage, modify child custody or support order, or have an emergency situation, you can count on the family Law Office of Patrick Crawford to provide the legal assistance you need. We have represented people throughout Annapolis who are in many types of family law situations, and we tailor our representation to each client’s specific circumstances. Call (410) 694-7348 or contact us online today to set up an appointment and learn more about how we can help you and your family.

Annapolis Divorce Lawyer

Effective representation in the most difficult divorce and child custody matters.

Practice Areas

Patrick our Annapolis Family Law & Divorce Attorney will provide aggressive and personalized representation to you in all family law matters, including the following:


Our Annapolis Family Law Attorney provides representation in courts throughout Maryland.

Annapolis divorce lawyer


Divorce is almost always emotionally devastating for both parties. Our Annapolis Divorce Lawyer will help you get through this hard process.

Annapolis Spousal Support Lawyer


Regardless of how complex your alimony case is; our Annapolis Alimony Lawyer is ready represent you.


Our experienced Annapolis Qualified Domestic Relations Order Attorney is ready to represent you in the drafting of any retirement order that you may need.

Annapolis Marital Property Division Lawyer


Regardless of how complex the marital property issues are in your divorce case. Our Annapolis Marital Property Division Lawyer is ready to represent you.

Annapolis Separation Agreements Lawyer

prenuptial agreements

Annapolis Separation Agreements Lawyer is ready to provide you with personalized representation in the negotiation of your prenuptial or separation agreement.

Protective Orders

The experienced Protective Orders Lawyer in Annapolis will discuss your case with you and work tirelessly to secure a favorable outcome.

Annapolis Child Custody Lawyer

child custody

Our experienced Annapolis Child Custody Lawyer will discuss your goals with you and work tirelessly to secure a bright future for you and your children.

Annapolis Child Support Lawyer

child support

Our Annapolis Child Support Lawyer, is ready and eager to provide you with aggressive and personalized representation.

Why Put Patrick Crawford On Your Side?

  • Trial ready

    Parties in family law cases may reach an agreement that settles their case. However, they sometimes cannot settle, and then a trial is necessary. Patrick believes that aggressive trial representation is the most important service that he can provide, and he knows how important it is to prepare for trial from the start.

  • Responsive

    Patrick understands the stress that you may be under, and he does not want you to be frustrated trying to reach him. He prides himself on being responsive, usually either answering the phone immediately or returning your call within a few hours.

  • Hard-working

    Patrick our Annapolis, Maryland Family Law Attorney puts extreme energy and focus into each of his client’s cases. He understands the importance that your case has in your life. The outcome of your case is extremely important to him as well, and he will take every measure to achieve a favorable outcome.

  • Experienced

    Patrick has over 19 years of legal experience, with over 16 years practicing family law. He has successfully represented countless people in divorce, child custody, and other family law matters. He has represented clients in all stages of their cases, including settlement, trial, and appeal.

  • Affordable

    Patrick believes that a person should not go bankrupt obtaining quality legal representation. Although your case may require a financial investment, his services are reasonably priced compared to other attorneys in the Annapolis area.

  • Personalized

    Patrick our Annapolis Family Law & Divorce Attorney provides one-on-one service that will be personalized to achieve your unique goals. You—and only you—will set the objective for your case. And Patrick will always handle your case personally. He will never give your case to a paralegal or another attorney.

What Patrick’s clients say

Patrick has earned the appreciation and trust of countless individuals over his many years of practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every case is different and takes unique twists and turns that are often unforeseeable.  But almost every divorce or custody case in Maryland has the same basic skeleton.  One party opens the case by filing a “complaint,” either for divorce or child custody.  Then the complaint must be served on the other party.  There are various methods of accomplishing service.  After service is completed, then the other party must receive time—usually 30 days—to file an “answer” to the complaint.  If no answer is filed during such time, then the other party may be found in default, in which case a hearing may occur in their absence and the relief granted without their input.  However, if the other party does file an answer, then the case will continue.  Several months will pass during which various procedural things occur that enable the parties and the court to prepare for an eventual trial.  During this time, the party that did not file the original complaint will have a chance to file a counter-complaint.  Also during this time, both sides will have ample opportunity to conduct discovery, which is the process wherein parties compel each other to provide information and documents that may be useful for trial preparation.  In addition, the court will hold various conferences to monitor the progress of the case, and the court may require that the parties attend mediation to try to settle their disputes.  And if the parties are unable to settle, then the court will eventually set a date for trial.  At trial, the court will allow the parties to testify, call witnesses, present evidence, and make arguments.  Then the court will make its ruling.  If the parties disagree with the ruling, then they have various options for appealing the ruling to a higher court or asking the trial court to change the ruling.  In divorce or child custody cases, it is not unusual for trials to occur approximately one year after the initial complaint is filed.  If a case settles sometime during that year, then the case may end much earlier.

Television contains a lot of legal dramas.  I can think of several, including Law and Order, The Practice, and LA Law.  My favorite is Boston Legal.  But as good as these shows are, they do a disservice to the legal profession because they create unrealistic expectations.  First, these shows disregard the fact that most lawyers charge for their service.  In these shows, you rarely hear discussions of legal fees, and lawyers usually represent a client regardless of the client’s ability to pay.  In the real world, attorneys must earn a living, and although they may have sympathy for a client’s case, they often turn down a case if the client is unable to pay.  Second, television largely ignores the pretrial process.  On television, soon after a case starts, a trial occurs almost immediately.  In reality, many months or a whole year may pass between the start of a case and the trial, and such time is always consumed with investigation, exchange of information, motions, various court conferences, and periods of inactivity.  Television dramas show none of this.  In my divorce and child custody practice, I often find people surprised when I describe the length of time that their case may take.  Many also don’t understand that the vast majority of time spent by any good attorney is not in court but in his or her office studying the case.  Finally, these shows create the impression that some attorneys “never lose”.  But any real world attorney who represents a broad range of clients will handle both strong and weak cases and will not always “win”.  And the very terms “win” or “lose” may be difficult to define.  A football player who is not getting mud on his jersey must be sitting on the bench, and the same is true for attorneys.  In the end, legal dramas are fun to watch, but they do not accurately portray the practice of law.

Yes and no.  Some people attempt to represent themselves throughout their case until the time just before they have court, at which time they hire an attorney.  They usually do so in order to save legal fees.  You are certainly free to choose this strategy, however, it will almost certainly lead to big trouble for you.  Right from the start and continuing throughout your case, there will be an infinite number of decisions to make and things to do to protect your interests.  By hiring an attorney late, you will deny that attorney the opportunity to protect your interests, deny the attorney the ability to prepare for trial, and deny the attorney the opportunity to assist you in any settlement negotiations.  Maybe the attorney will have time to catch up on some of these things, however, the attorney will have to act in a rushed manner and may not be as effective. Almost always, the attorney will have to spend time reviewing things that were done in the time before he/she was hired and may have to act to correct mistakes.  In short, waiting to hire an attorney can be costly.  The earlier that you do so, the more that attorney can do for you, and the more favorable the outcome of your case will likely be.

It is certainly possible for a non-lawyer to proceed in a legal case using forms and information from the internet. But such a course of action may backfire. This is true even in uncontested cases. The reason is that legal information and forms on the internet are not reliable. Forms and information on the internet usually do not account for differences in state laws. Those differences may cause forms to be improperly worded or unenforceable in your case. Furthermore, information from the internet will not account for the unique circumstances of your situation. You may be experiencing problems that the internet does not fully address. While you may save some money during your case by relying on resources from the internet, you may cost yourself even more in the future. You may learn in the future that the outcome of your case was defective, and you may find yourself back in court with an attorney in a difficult and expensive legal battle to fix it. Hiring an attorney from the beginning is the only way to obtain the protection and peace of mind that you want.

Many people believe that hiring a large firm is the best way to win their case, but this is not always true. Large firms will not necessarily obtain a better result for their clients. Both large and small firms have good attorneys. So what is the difference? The difference is in how personalized their service is. Small firms have fewer employees, or no employees at all. Attorneys at small firms usually handle their cases themselves instead of giving their cases to another attorney or a paralegal. Attorneys at small firms are accessible to their clients, often answering their own phone. And small firms often charge their clients lower fees. In short, small firms often give more personal attention to their clients at a more reasonable price.

The answer depends on the circumstances. Settlement and trial are very different. Settlement is a process in which parties try to work out their differences without court intervention. Trial is a process by which a judge will listen to the facts and evidence in a case and make a decision that is consistent with the law. Which one is best? Settlement is always best if it can be accomplished fairly. Settlement allows parties to retain control over their lives rather than having a judge make important decisions that will affect them and their children for years to come. Settlement is also less expensive than trial, which often takes many hours or even days of preparation and attorney time. Settlement reduces stress because the parties no longer have to worry about what the court will decide. And settlement removes the possibility of an appeal, which either side may pursue if they are unhappy with their trial result. Patrick encourages his clients to settle if they can do so fairly. However, often parties cannot settle for a variety of reasons, and Patrick is ready and willing to aggressively represent his client’s interests at trial. Because trial is always possible, Patrick believes that he must begin preparing for trial from the very beginning of every case so that he is always prepared.

Patrick is highly experienced as a litigator in the area of family law. Between 2001 and 2004, he worked as a staff-attorney for the federal government in Washington, DC. In 2004, he entered private practice, and between 2004 and 2011 he represented individuals and small businesses in a variety of legal matters. During this time, he practiced family law in addition to practicing personal injury, civil litigation, and criminal law. His experience practicing in a variety of legal areas provided him with a broad understanding of the law. Since 2011, Patrick has focused his talent and expertise almost exclusively on family law. During his practice, Patrick has successfully represented countless people in divorce, child custody, child support, domestic violence, and other family law matters of varying degrees of complexity. He has represented clients in all stages of their cases, including settlement, trial, and appeal. He is intelligent and efficient in his representation. He is effective in his communication with others, including opposing counsel, court staff, and judges. He is extremely knowledgeable of court rules and procedures. He is confident, acting aggressively on behalf of his clients both inside and outside of the courtroom. And he enjoys the respect of others in the legal profession.

Patrick understands that your case may be a significant source of stress in your life and that you may have things that you wish to discuss without waiting. As a result, Patrick strives to be available to discuss your case at a moment’s notice. He is almost always available in person or by telephone. He usually answers the telephone immediately, however, if he is unavailable, then he almost always returns calls within a few hours. In addition, he is easily accessible by e-mail, often returning e-mails within a few minutes. Finally, Patrick never refers cases to another attorney or paralegal. He is the only attorney in his firm. He considers your case to be his—and only his—responsibility. If you hire Patrick, you will never wonder who is handling your case, and you will always be able to reach him.

No attorney can guarantee a win. Furthermore, every case presents unique challenges. Predicting the outcome of any legal matter is often difficult, if not impossible, because so many factors lie outside of the attorneys control. Such factors include the law, the underlying facts, the nature of the opposition, financial considerations, and the judge. The only factor that your attorney can control is the level of determination and effort that he applies. In other words, an attorney’s diligence and effort is the only thing that he can guarantee. If you hire Patrick, regardless of what obstacles and challenges your case presents, he guarantees that he will devote his time, energy, and expertise to your case in order to make the most persuasive case for you and to maximize the chances of success.

Patrick understands that, before you decide to hire him, you want to talk to him and ask questions.  For this reason, he provides half-hour initial consultations.  An initial consultation is a very informal meeting between you and Patrick in which you talk one-on-one about your legal situation.  You may describe your situation to Patrick, and he will listen.  You may ask him as many questions as you like, and he will answer them to the best of his ability.  You may show him any legal documents that you have, and he will discuss them with you.  Patrick will likely give you basic legal advice regarding your situation and discuss your prospects for success.  He will also discuss his fees for representing you.  Regardless of whether you decide to hire Patrick, you will always leave the consultation with a greater understanding of your situation, the strengths and weaknesses of your case, and the possible steps to achieve your goals.

Free Divorce E-Book

Patrick understands that the process of your divorce or child custody proceeding might come with many questions, which is why he provides a helpful e-book free of charge. Untying the Knot informs readers of the protocol for various family legal matters. His insights have given clients a better understanding of the court process and the law governing the issues in their case.


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