Patrick Crawford highly recommended!

patrickcrawford | December 17, 2018

Mr. Crawford represented me as the Defendant in an action to enforce a marital property and separation agreement approximately eight years after the final divorce decree. After a period of 18 months which included filing and granting of two protective orders, the case went to a merits hearing and the court returned a just and favorable ruling in my case. Based on my experience in this specific matter, I would highly recommend Mr. Crawford. Additional Information Below Mr. Crawford was a knowledgeable and responsive advocate in a case that was complicated by the intrusive and unfounded actions of the plaintiff and her attorney. Mr. Crawford encouraged and supported my active involvement in the progress of my case. He took time to understand the details of the case and consider my thoughts and comments while, equally important, never allowing me to drive the case in inappropriate direction. From my perspective, Mr. Crawford and I functioned as an effective collaborative team without which we would not have achieved the favorable outcome.