Knowledgeable Attorney, Looks out for Your B

patrickcrawford | December 17, 2018

Patrick took on my divorce and child custody case after I had spent more than two years and lots of money with another attorney, trying to finalize a divorce and custody agreement. I found him knowledgeable about the process and the law. I appreciated how quickly he got up to speed on the details of my particular situation and settled on an approach and strategy for how to continue with my proceedings. Due to some legal work and filings already being completed in my case, in some cases, Patrick had to deal first with those, and then move on to the next step in his own strategy. It made for a more difficult case, I believe, but he negotiated the system and the steps with ease, discussing options with me, educating me on how things work, and working with me to make the best decisions. I appreciated his advice and time. In the end, Patrick took more than two years of legal work that had been handled by another attorney, sorted through it all and decided how best to re-try my case, and worked with me to get a solid, favorable divorce settlement and custody arrangement, within a very favorable timeframe.