Efficiency and expertise!

patrickcrawford | December 17, 2018

Tucked away in the heart of Annapolis is this highly recommended esquire of family law. Patrick Crawford takes advantage of his considerable expertise and experience, adds technology, and is thus one of the most efficient lawyers I have heard about, much less experienced. His advice is frank and direct, even when it is not what one wants to hear. He is a no-nonsense, “get-it-done” fellow who tells it like it is and makes it happen. He works as a partner with his client throughout the legal process. He’s also personable enough and just sympathetic enough to make the legal wrangles more palatable. Do not let his youthful looks deceive you – this is a veteran with the knowledge and experience to guard a client’s interests and pursue the best possible course, but still, let the client steer. An invaluable counselor.