Couldn’t have asked for more!

patrickcrawford | December 4, 2018

I couldn’t be happier with my choice in hiring Patrick Crawford. From day one I explained to him this will probably not be an easy case and I did not have much money. I am a young father who was just fighting for my rights to have an equal opportunity to raise my son. Patrick Crawford worked with me on the finances and gave sound legal advice all the way through the court battle. Among all of the evidence, I provided he utilized the evidence that he knew was crucial to the case and sorted out the evidence that would not bear weight in court. In the end, he fought my case in trial and did very well in court considering the other party was fighting for full physical and full legal with me only having my son every other weekend. My son is 16 months old and I now have both joint physical and joint legal custody of him in a state that is often seen as a mother-favoring state. I am so excited to move on with our lives and now have a future with my son that is no longer limited and I am so grateful for Mr. Crawford’s efforts and patience for my case. I definitely recommend him.