Can I Change My Child’s Last Name After a Divorce

Can I Change My Child’s Last Name After a Divorce?

patrickcrawford | April 24, 2019

The process of changing names following a divorce is not as simple as it is when a spouse takes the name of their partner upon getting married. At The Law Office of Patrick Crawford, we understand how difficult it can be to live with your family having different names and want to make the transition to a new life after divorce as easy as possible. Maryland Today reports the divorce rates across the U.S. and Maryland are falling with the institution now regarded as something to be entered into later in life for many millennials.

  1. Name changes following a divorce. In the majority of cases, the divorce of two parents does not result in any problems regarding the naming of a child or children because an amicable settlement is made. However, The People’s Law Library of Maryland reports there are courses of action to take when an individual feels their children would benefit from a name change after a divorce has occurred. Our Annapolis divorce lawyer understands the problems you may face and is willing to work with individuals as they seek to build themselves a new life.
  2. Make a court filing. Name changes can often be brought to the attention of a court as part of a settlement between the two partners who are separating and setting out on a newly single life. However, it is more common for one spouse to look for a change of name when they have embarked on a new life and are involved in a relationship resulting in the formation of a new family unit. The first step is to establish which county the child is a resident of and make a court filing in this region of Maryland. The process is simple to complete is all parties classed as parents or guardians agree with the change of name taking place for the good of the child. The paperwork will be filed by our Annapolis divorce lawyer with notice of the name change published in the local newspaper by the court. If both parties agree the judge will listen to the reasons for the name change and make their decision based on these arguments.
  3. If there is not an agreement. If there is not an agreement, our Annapolis divorce lawyer at The Law Office of Patrick Crawford will gather all required evidence regarding the length of time the child has borne the name of their father and the strength of their bond. Relevant arguments will be made by both parties regarding the name change with the court making a decision based on the evidence prepared at our office and submitted. The issue of the name of a minor following a divorce is often one that is not considered by the individual until after the divorce has been finalized and a new life is embarked upon. When you feel there is a problem with the name of your child when compared to your own, The Law Office of Patrick Crawford will work on your behalf to build a brighter future for your family.

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