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Young couple signing prenup documents

Can You Sign a Prenup After Marriage?

patrickcrawford | March 28, 2023

When roughly 50% of marriages find their way to divorce court and a typical marriage is eight years long, prenuptial agreements are very common. Second and third marriages are even less likely to survive, statistically speaking. If you’ve been divorced before, you can appreciate the value of having a prenup for the same reason you […]

Drawing of a family

Reasons to Modify Your Child Custody Agreement

patrickcrawford | March 6, 2023

Your child custody agreement spells out both physical custody, which determines parents’ child access and visitation and legal custody, which determines parents’ decision-making authority. Both are naturally important components of your rights and responsibilities as a parent. Your current child custody orders may have worked well when you were first divorced – or when the […]

Father and daughter holding hands.

Do You Lose Custody for Not Paying Child Support in Maryland?

patrickcrawford | March 3, 2023

Child custody and child support both represent important parental rights and responsibilities, but they cannot be used as weapons by one parent against the other. The State of Maryland – and every other state in the nation – makes determinations regarding both child support and child custody in accordance with the children’s best interests. As […]

How Does Child Support in Annapolis Work?

How Does Child Support in Annapolis Work?

patrickcrawford | January 31, 2023

How Does Child Support in Annapolis Work? Every child is entitled to receive financial contributions from both parents, no matter if both parents are separated, divorced, or never married to each other.  If you are dealing with a child support issue, whether you are receiving or giving financial support to a minor, you need an […]

Pendente Lite Child Support

What is Pendente Lite Child Support?

patrickcrawford | January 15, 2023

Sometimes a court will issue an order of child support “pending the litigation.” This is known as pendente lite child support. This will only grant temporary support and is not a final support order. Such issues as visitation, custody, and support are addressed during pendente lite hearings. To give you a better understanding of pendente […]

Double exposure of business handshake for successful of investment deal and city night background, teamwork and partnership concept.

How Does Divorce Impact Business Assets in Maryland?

patrickcrawford | January 13, 2023

Divorce is already complicated enough without also having to potentially split up a business at the same time. Let’s examine how a Maryland court will handle a business during divorce and how an Annapolis divorce lawyer can help. How the Divorce Court Will Handle Your Business  Here is a step-by-step look at what a court […]


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