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Files on table titled "Protective Order"

Protective Orders vs. Peace Orders in Maryland

patrickcrawford | June 12, 2023

If there is someone in your life that threatens your safety, it may be time for you to consider filing for a restraining order. Based on the type of restraining order, you will have temporary or permanent protection. The Law Office of Patrick Crawford has assisted many clients in obtaining restraining orders, both protective orders […]

Daughter of divorcing parents worried

Dos and Don’ts in Child Custody Mediation

patrickcrawford | May 24, 2023

The process of determining a custody agreement for your child or children can be daunting, overwhelming, and highly contentious. The emotional toll is often significant for parents and children alike. One way to improve the ease and speed of a child custody determination is to avoid family law court and reach a solution in child […]

Man worried about bills

What Happens If You Don’t Pay Child Support in Maryland? 

patrickcrawford | May 17, 2023

In Maryland, child support is strictly enforced in accordance with family law to ensure the well-being of minor children. Many parents struggle to pay their child’s support on time or fail to complete payments entirely. Once a child support obligation is recognized by the state, it is legally binding, and failure to pay can result in […]

Couple discussing divorce with lawyer

How To File For Divorce In Maryland

patrickcrawford | April 24, 2023

Divorce is common, with more than 40 percent of marriages ending in divorce. Spouses have different reasons for getting divorced, though each couple in Maryland must follow similar legal procedures to legally end their marriages.  If you are in the process of considering filing for divorce from your spouse, the following guide offers a brief […]

Marriage rings resting over divorce papers

What is a Limited Divorce in Maryland?

patrickcrawford | April 13, 2023

Some states recognize legal separation. In Maryland, there is no such thing as a legal separation. However, a couple may be eligible for a limited divorce if they meet certain criteria. If you are considering getting a divorce in Maryland or have questions about the process, Attorney Patrick Crawford is here to answer any of […]

Daughter hugging father

Emergency Custody in Maryland: How to File & Grounds

patrickcrawford | March 29, 2023

Nothing is scarier than feeling like your child is in danger with your ex. Perhaps your co-parenting ex has started drinking again. Perhaps your co-parenting ex has made threats to take the child to an unknown location far away. Perhaps your ex is leaving the child unattended or otherwise neglected. Either way, if you are […]


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