Kim Kardashian said "I Do" and Prince William & Kate said "We Don't"

If you believe Eonline that Kim Kardashian’s upcoming August 20th wedding to NBA basketball player Kris Humphries is the USA’s equivalent to Prince William’s wedding to Catherine Middleton in Britain last April, then you have definitely been drinking the Hollywood celebrity Kool-Aid! While Kim’s eye-popping 20+ karat diamond engagement ring could certainly find its place in the Tower of London’s Crown Jewels collection, she is not of blue blood by birth. And if we look at majority of the outfits she wears, it’s clear that she doesn’t follow “court rules” of decorum and fashion either!

However, who are we to say that every bride is not a princess on her wedding day? With a wedding dress designed by the extraordinary Vera Wang, Ms. K. may give Princess Kate a bit of fashion competition on her special day. Certainly, there will be television cameras and paparazzi hanging from every tree just as there were in front of Westminster Abbey during the royal wedding. But, what about the behind-the-scenes business that every marrying couple should undertake before the “I Do’s”? Did these famous couples sign the ever-contentious legal document the pre-nup?

The short answer is yes, Kim did, and no, Kate didn’t! Kim Kardashian’s late father Robert, of OJ Simpson defense team fame, was a lawyer and Ms. K has often said that she inherited his legal sense when it comes to her business. So with a reported $40 million worth of assets, she was smart to hammer out a pre-nuptial agreement with her honey. Pre-nups are protection for both parties and each need competent legal counsel before signing one. It’s really a statistical no-brainer in the US. However, the Brits have a different view.

Britain’s Supreme Court only recently ruled favorably on the validity and enforceability of prenuptial agreements. Princess Kate, despite marrying into a family that saw 3 out of 4 of the Queen’s children in divorce court, was not faced with such a decision. According to royal sources, Prince William and his courtiers never brought up the subject so there was no decision to be made by the new bride or groom. Prince William may only earn $50k annually as a military search and rescue helicopter pilot, but his personal wealth exceeds $10 million and that doesn’t include what he will inherit when he becomes King of England.

Princess Kate could get a lot – we’re talking jewels and castles – if the future King strays from the marital bed as reportedly ALL of his predecessors have done over the past two thousand years. Ms. Kardashian doesn’t have as much to gain in a divorce but certainly has much more to lose. So while it’s seems to be tradition that Wills and Kate don’t have a pre-nup (Prince Charles and Princess Diana never did and it cost the Prince $25 million upon their divorce), it’s much smarter to have one in place. Be like Kim Kardashian in this case, but please, please use Princess Kate as your fashion role model instead!


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